Sharing sticks on legacy’s trail

It’s too easy to be captivated by the triumphs and struggles of our everyday professional and social lives, distracted from staying in character for life’s most important role:

To be parents of our children on this path.

Our culture’s overused truisms become less void of meaning as we get older.

‘Let me sleep on it,’ is a strong example.

Decisions are never more easily made than when watching my son’s eyes dart around as he strives to explain some small (and probably flawed) concept about how the universe works, as he lays down and prepares for sleep. Never do I see myself more clearly than in the bathroom mirror when my son is near, when he’s studying my actions intently and assuming a similar posture.

We stress throughout the day, thinking of the seemingly terrible and hopeless environment in which we’re born. It’s worth remembering, though, we now have the capability to understand, influence, and affect so much injustice, ignorance and suffering. Humans will probably always feel the weight of the heavy load they bare for the good of today’s progress. We all do. Now. Together. It doesn’t matter that we often can’t agree on why.

Which direction will your small decisions guide us?

Stretching out millions of years into our past are parents who lived miserable lives which are hard to even imagine. People who had very little control of their environment and society. While we’re gaining power, feeling tormented by life and demanding that society adapts to our ideals…

let us not forget that while we’re running, we’re also passing the baton.

Run into the chaos, son. Run with the other children and help them face challenges and embarrassments and accomplishments like we’ve never known. Actualize a future that we’ll never be able to imagine. Don’t look back at me, but hear my words of encouragement. Continue this movement with momentum in your efforts and awareness in your experience.

We’re all counting on you. That’s hard to understand, I know.

Your son or daughter is waiting out there somewhere, too, further down this path. One day you’ll stop looking back so much at me, you’ll be looking forward with them.

Once you do that, you’ll see-

That you were leading all along, even when you were following me.